Responsive Websites For Your Restaurant


Next time you’re out take notice of how many people are looking at their phones. It probably won’t take too long.


45% of smartphone users use their phones for search daily. 80% of people have searched online for restaurants.


They’re looking for a place to eat and want that information to be easy to find. If your website is not marketing correctly for mobile users you could be losing potential customers!


The first step in getting your restaurant website mobile friendly is to make sure it is responsive. Responsive websites adapt to the size of the screen the user is viewing it on. With a responsive website your phone number, address, and navigation are easy to find and use. If a smartphone user lands on your site and gets frustrated with a non-responsive website there is a 70% chance that they will leave and go to a competitor’s site!


At Vektor Media, we will create a responsive website for your restaurant that your customers will love. Mobile users will have easy access to your contact information and location, and your menu will adapt to fit their screens. People want to know where you are and what’s on your menu.


For more info visit our New Orleans Restaurant Website page.


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